Revostage provides a professional carpeted stage that is quick to assemble and easy to transport, suitable for most applications. 
Revostage takes shape in minutes after coming off the van and takes up considerably less space than traditional steel deck saving you significant amounts of money on Van and Crew costs. 
It’s lightweight design does not compramise it’s ability to withstand heavy loading with it’s unique pop-up consatina design that spreads the load evenly.
We typically provide a 6x4m stage with a 2x2m drum riser for live band use. Ideal as part of a package to turn a hall into an entertainment venue, or for outdoor events this can be combined with our 6x6m marquee stage cover for use on flat ground.
Festival of Sound, Horsham Town Centre
Prices from £12.50 per 2x1m deck,
Complete stage packages from £80 – £150
Plus delivery and collection (excellent rates available in the local Sussex and Surrey area).
Alistage (Ali Deck / Steel Deck)
Alistage / Lite Deck is a heavy duty staging used by most touring companies. This type of staging is more sutiable for high intensity applications and on uneven ground as height adjustable legs are available. 
The downside with this kind of staging is that it typically takes longer to put up than Revostage and is much bulkier to transport, so this can result in higher costs for both crew and transport.
This type of stage comes into it’s own though for larger stages and outdoor locations where it offers better durability and limitless configurations.  We would usually only recommend this type of staging where your needs can’t be met using Revostage.