Two Way Radio

Radio comms is a great way for teams to communicate and ensure everyone is involved in the conversation. This simple technology is relied upon the world over by event teams to stay in touch and respond to challenges in a dynamic environment throughout the build, show and break stages of an event. For larger events radios offer multiple channels allowing sub-teams to stay in touch with each other in a closed group but with the flexibility of speaking to other departments when they need to by simply changing channel.

The radio’s we have in house are simple to use and can optionally be provided with earpieces ensuring privacy when front of house. For most smaller sites back to back radios work well with the added benefit that because they are not reliant on any base station, even if the power and phone networks go down they will still work. For larger events we are able to implement base station solutions for increased coverage through our hire partners.

Telephony and Internet

We know that mobile telephony has improved dramatically over the last 10 years, however there are times when simply giving out the event managers personal mobile number isn’t the right solution. We can help with:-

  • Dedicated information and residents noise lines with a local landline number and  ‘IVR’ (Menu options) to direct calls to the right person – including mobile phones
  • Box office enquiry lines
  • Dynamic routing enabling you to point a number to your office pre-event and a mobile phone on site, time based routing and hunt groups.
  • VoIP telephony where a fixed line is needed on site
  • Extending of existing ADSL lines using point to point WiFi or Ethernet
  • 4G WiFi and Satellite Broadband solutions
  • WiFi deployment for production, traders, ePos and artists
  • Public WiFi
  • On site mobile provisioning for both UK and international events

Team Email and Google Suite Tools

Thanks to google, the collaboration tools enjoyed by large businesses are not available to your team on their own devices, often at no cost. We can help get your committee or team setup with google suite, enabling you to email, hangout, share documents, calendars and spreadsheets and work together from a shared drive as if you were in the same office, from wherever you are in the world.